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Lynda - Revit Architecture 2016 Essential Training (Metric)

Size: 2.74GB | Duration: 11h 59m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 15fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch

Genre: eLearning | Level: Beginner | Language: English

Take your Revit skills to the next level with Revit Architecture 2016. This course, recorded entirely in metric units, teaches you the techniques you need to complete solid architectural projects in Revit 2016. First, get comfortable with the Revit environment, and learn to set up a project and add the grids, levels, and dimensions that will anchor your design. Then author Paul F. Aubin helps you dive into modeling: adding walls, doors, and windows; creating and mirroring groups; linking to external assets and DWG files; and working with floors, roofs, and ceilings. Paul also shows advanced techniques for modeling stairs, complex walls, and partially obscured building elements, as well as adding rooms and solid geometry. Finally, discover how to annotate your drawing so all the components are perfectly understood, and learn how to output sheets to DWF, PDF, or AutoCAD.

Topics include:

* Understanding BIM and the Revit element hierarchy
* Navigating views
* Creating a new project from a template
* Adding walls, doors, and windows
* Adding plumbing fixtures and other components
* Linking AutoCAD DWG files
* Rotating and aligning Revit links
* Working with footprint and extrusion roofs
* Adding openings
* Adding railings and extensions to stairs
* Creating stacked and curtain walls
* Hiding and isolating objects
* Adding rooms
* Creating schedule views and tags
* Adding text and dimensions
* Creating new families
* Using reference planes, parameters, and constraints
* Plotting and creating a PDF
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